A social networking site centered around favorites that helps you gain confidence, find purpose, grow in life, and so much more!
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Either through birth or through choice, connect with the people you care most about!

Those who have been there or the friends you look to make, build relationships that last!

The feeling you get when you get to enjoy your favorites, that is my favorite!

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    A favorite, what is it, and why is it essential to your life?

    Favorites are the best of the best, the must-haves, and the can't live with outs.

    The things that make our life easier, solve our problems, and helps us live better lives.

    They are the proven, tried, and true things we want to experience more than others.

    Without the help of our favorites to guide, assist, and improve our lives, we can't experience our true purpose, potential, or become fulfilled in life.

    But with our favorites, we can experience the confidence we need, the connections we long for, and the growth we desire.

    We believe with Favorites you can…
    Gain Confidence

    When it comes to decision-making, uncertainty is something we all face.

    With 360FAVS, we believe this uncertainty we all face can be replaced with confidence.
    Accept Adventure

    Get out of that rut that has left you feeling frustrated and dissatisfied.

    With 360FAVS, we believe we can escape the rut to find and discover new things.
    Feel Significant

    No one wants to live a life feeling empty and insignificant.

    But here, at 360FAVS, we believe you are loved, and you are significant.
    Connect Better Than Ever Before

    In a world of loneliness, connection is something we all long for.

    With 360FAVS, we believe that void can be filled.
    Become The Best You

    If you are not growing, your dying, or at least that’s what it feels like.

    With 360FAVS, we believe you can grow and advance faster than ever before!
    Make a Difference

    The idea of making someone's day is great until you come up empty-handed.

    With 360FAVS, we believe making their day becomes easy and fun!
    Josh R.

    This app is a game-changer. It has truly helped make my days less hectic and more fun. I use this app religiously and love it.
    Levi G.

    I have always wanted to know what to get my wife for her birthday, Christmas, and even Valentine's Day! This app has made it so easy to find out what she wants! Plus it shows her favorite restaurants and movies! This app has helped me with so much more!!
    Les S.

    No more buying gifts for people that you think they MIGHT like. Love this app so I can see what my friends and family like before I buy a gift for them. Awesome!
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